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Hillsborough, NJ Propane

Hillsborough is geographically the largest township in Somerset County, New Jersey. Hillsborough and the surrounding area were first explored by the Dutch in the middle 17th century. At that time the area was occupied by the Unami Indians who were a part of the Lenapi Tribe. Records of the Proprietors and Reeds map of 1685 show that large tracts of land were patented to shareholders in the Proprietorship at a very early date. Some of the earliest land transactions found in the records of Hillsborough begin around 1700. Hillsborough received its Charter on May 29, 1771, and officially became Hillsborough Township. Before that date, it was known as the “Westering Precinct of Somerset County”. Grist mills were one of the earliest industries. Records of mills in the Neshanic area go back to 1692 and perhaps earlier. As early as 1746 a mill was recorded along the Millstone River. Hillsborough’s roads got their names from early records, Hillsborough was also known as Hillsbury and although the records are obscure, some believe the Township was named for Lord Hillsborough. Hillsborough is the home of the Belle Mead GSA depot, or Belle Mead General Depot, which was a storage site for materials during World War II, along with housing Italian and German prisoners of war. It continued storing materials until the 1980s, and various contaminants have leaked into the ground and surrounding area during that time. Efforts are underway to convert the site into a mixed recreation complex.

For a building like the recreation complex, the residents of Hillsborough could benefit from the commercial propane of ours here at Gastec. Thankfully for them, here at Gastec, we specialize in residential and commercial propane. With the ability to be used for a variety of different things, propane is also safe for the environment and safe to be around families. The best way to heat their homes is with propane. Residential propane can be used in an assortment of ways whether it be powering a generator, running the lights, or warming the water heater. Our commercial propane can be used for the larger buildings in the area such as restaurants or schools. Even powering a forklift could be carried out with our commercial propane services. Day or night, we have our customer service team ready to answer any questions or deliver propane with our propane delivery services. Believe it or not, these amazing services are all offered for the best prices around. Our customers are our number one priority, so we will work to the best of our ability to make sure that they stay satisfied.