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Liberty Corner is an unincorporated community located within the Bernards Township in Somerset County, New Jersey. In 1722, the area was known by its primary landholder, John Annin, as “Annin’s Corner.” This was changed to “Liberty Corner” during the American Revolution. Liberty Corner, settled in 1722, still maintains its gentle rural atmosphere. In the later part of the 19th Century, it was famous for its summer resorts. The Continental Army’s French allies camped at Liberty Corner on their way to the decisive Battle of Yorktown. It’s well documented, though, that on Aug. 29, 1781, troops under Gen. Jean Baptiste de Rochambeau spent a night at the English Farm on Valley Road, before continuing their march down to Virginia. The Bonnie Brae Farm for Boys was founded by Harry V. Osborne, a Judge from Essex County Court. In 1916 Judge Osborne rented a small farm in Livingston, NJ from a Scotsman who named it Bonnie Brae, which means “beautiful hillside.” The original farm was home to 14 boys. Judge Osborne purchased a larger 209-acre farm in Millington, NJ for $29,000. For over 100 years, boys attended school locally in Liberty Corner, and the farm provided boys with employable skills as well as a safe and therapeutic environment. 

The residents of Liberty Corner will never have to worry about how they will keep their homes heated or lights running if they choose Gastec for their propane needs. Propane is a source of power that is safe for the environment while staying versatile and powerful. Whether it be for a home or a much larger business, our propane company can take the task. Residential propane is what people use in their homes to do things like cook a meal, heat their homes, or even power a generator if things get hairy. Our propane company offers propane services for a satisfactory price that keeps our clients coming back. We also offer superb propane delivery services that reach our clients throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania where we are based. With our help and amazing customer service, the lovely people of Liberty Corner will never have to worry about a question going unanswered. We offer 24/7 access to our customer service team, and our propane delivery services are around the clock as well. We truly want our clients to have the best of the best when it comes to our propane services, we also value the quality of care. 

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