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Florence, NJ Propane

Florence is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey that was incorporated by the New Jersey Legislature in 1872 from portions of Mansfield Township. Now home to over 12,000 residents, the township was named after Florence, Italy. In 1849, an association of New York financers organized the Florence City Company and purchased 600 acres of land that was laid out as city lots. These lots, together with land for public streets, parks, and public landings, were all part of what makes up Florence today. The Florence City Company built the magnificent Florence Hotel and Wharf on the banks of the Delaware River, where the municipal boat launch is now located. The hotel was a mainstay for visitors, social gatherings and eventually served as the Municipal Complex until it was destroyed by fire in February of 1979. The Florence Iron Works was established in 1857 along the Delaware River by Richard Jones. It continued as a major force in the economy of the community, especially after ownership was transferred to Richard D. Wood in 1867. Florence was a noted vacation spot along the Delaware River. Young couples paying a visit to the area were a common scene, sitting along the Delaware’s sandy beaches enjoying the day far from the hot and overcrowded cities of Philadelphia and New York. 

While the tourists may come during the summer for the sandy beaches, the residents of Florence, New Jersey will still need to be kept warm during the winter. The best way to heat their homes is with propane. We specialize in both residential and commercial propane. With the ability to be used for a variety of different things, propane is also safe for the environment and safe to be around families. Residential propane can be used in an assortment of ways whether it be powering a generator, running the lights, or warming the water heater. Our commercial propane can be used for the larger buildings in the area such as restaurants or schools. Even powering a forklift could be carried out with our commercial propane services. Day or night, we have our customer service team at the ready to answer any questions. Believe it or not, these amazing services are all offered for the best prices around. Our customers are our number one priority, so we will work to the best of our ability to make sure that you are satisfied with your propane service experience. Contact our team to learn more today!