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Gibbsboro, NJ Propane

In 1924, Gibbsboro was incorporated as a borough of Camden County, New Jersey from portions of Voorhees Township. Gibbsboro was founded in 1714 when George Matlack built a mill on a branch of Cooper’s Creek. Shortly after this time, Joseph Hilliard came to the area. By 1744, Mr. Hilliard had acquired the mill as well as its surrounding territory. The community in the vicinity of the mill became known as “Hilliard’s Mill”. In 1766, Joseph Hilliard sold some of his property to John Matlack, a nephew of George Matlack. When John Matlack passed away, he left his property and a mill to his daughter, Hannah Matlack Gibbs. The Gibbs’ Mill was situated on Silver Lake. A small community developed around this mill. During this early period, the town was a settlement of Waterford Township, Gloucester County. Now home to roughly two and a half thousand people, the borough was named after the Gibbs family. Some residents referred to the town as “The Centerville Millseat”, because of the many profitable mills in the vicinity. While others called it “Cross Keys,” because they paid their taxes at the Cross Keys Tavern from 1809 to 1850. 

Gibbsboro can depend on Gastec to deliver the best propane services right to their homes. With propane delivery services that range across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we are able to access many people. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of good reviews and have thus gathered more valued customers. We make sure to provide them with the best residential and commercial propane services. Residential propane can be anything from having a hot shower to grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. The restaurants that you and your family frequent often power their grills with Gastec propane. To ensure the maximum customer fulfillment, we have representatives at the ready to help our clients with any questions they may have. All of this may sound too good to be true, but it gets even better. Gastec is able to supply our clients with the finest propane services with incredibly affordable prices. The people of Gibbsboro will be able to keep their lights running with the help of our talented staff. We genuinely care about our customers, so we will do whatever we have to do to make sure that their propane is handled, installed, and delivered with the absolute best care.