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Gloucester, NJ Propane

Gloucester City is a city in Camden County, New Jersey that is known for its Irish American population, being the ninth highest in the United States. The territory that is now known as Gloucester was annexed from a combination of land from the Union Township, the Centre Township, and the Haddon Township. Between the years 1638 to 1655, the area was part of New Sweden, which was established by Peter Minuit. They used the Fort Nassau as a trading post for the region. The Gloucester City trade was mostly moving goods, such as beaver pelts, between the city and the indigenous population of the Susquehannock. The location was disadvantageous since the richest fur-trapping area was on the west side of the river, where Swedes could intercept trade with the natives. In 1651, Peter Stuyvesant, director-general of New Netherland, dismantled the structure and relocated to a position on the other side of the river. Some people even view Gloucester City as the birthplace of rock and roll. Originally a country music band called “Bill Haley and the Saddlemen,” Bill Haley & His Comets, were the house band playing at the Twin Bar for 18 months starting in the early 1950s and are said to have modified their performing style while on stage there to an early form of rock and roll.

Gastec is the obvious choice for propane in Gloucester City, because we are the best of the best. We have a difficult to defeat price with an unmatched quality of propane services. Residential and commercial propane are both specialties of ours here at Gastec. Propane services like powering the stove, or running the lights, or heating the water, and keeping the house warm. Propane is a versatile source of power that is not harmful to the environment. With how affordable it is, it is the perfect way to save money and the planet. On top of these benefits, we also provide access to our customer service representatives at all times to truly make sure that our customers are always happy. Any and every customer is in great hands with us, especially because we keep our customers at the top of our priority list. Our propane delivery services allow for us to bring everything you need right to your door of your home or office. The residents of Gloucester City are our valued customers that can benefit from our top tier propane services. We really do care about our customers and can’t wait to show them the Gastec difference.