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Great Meadows, NJ Propane

Great Meadows is an unincorporated community located within Independence Township in Warren County, New Jersey. Listed as a census-designated place (CDP), Great Meadows’ population was reported as 303 residents in the 2010 census. Totaling just over 1.5 sq miles, Great Meadows – Vienna CDP slipped into two components – Vienna ( population 981) and Great Meadows proper with 303.

Great Meadows is most widely known for its picturesque landscape and proximity to both New York City and the Poconos Mountain Range. The surrounding Great Meadows area is predominantly farmland known for its high nutrient content. This is often credited to the first formation of the New Jersey area some 400 years ago when volcanic islands collided with proto North America, depositing rich nutrients into the soil. This collision created the North American tectonic plate as well as the Appalachian Mountains and Kittatinny Mountains. The surrounding mountains have affected the weather patterns of the surrounding areas. For this reason, the Great Meadows area frequently experiences freezing temperatures in the winter and more warm and balmy averages in the summer.

While Great Meadows is best known for its unique farmland, the larger Warren County is most commonly known for being an industrial hub of manufacturers. Two of Warren County’s manufacturers, Bihler of America and Borealis Compounds, are national brands specializing in contract manufacturing and wire and cable manufacturing. Contract manufacturing is a type of outsourcing in which a company will manufacture a product after it has signed a contract with a firm to create specific components or products. Cable manufacturing is the manufacturing of industrial cables. The process can be quite complex and typically involves various cable development stages, including wire-drawing, annealing, twisting and stranding, extrusion, and cabling. 

Propane serves a wide variety of purposes within the manufacturing industry ranging from chemical engineering to transportation. Propane company GasTec is one of the leading suppliers of propane in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey area, including Great Meadows. Since its foundation, GasTec has shown a commitment to working with each of its clients by creating tailored propane plans and propane delivery services to ensure all client’s propane needs are met. GasTec recognizes Great Meadow’s manufacturing companies’ specific needs and hopes to supply Great Meadows manufacturers and residents with propane and propane services at affordable rates in the near future.