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Green Township is a township in Sussex County, New Jersey with a population of around 3,601 lovely residents. The total area of the township is around 16.30 square miles, with about .27 square miles of that total area being occupied by water. The township of Green was incorporated on December 27, 1824, as an act by the New Jersey Legislature. The actual township was made on November 20, 1824, when parts of the southern portion of Sussex County were made into Warren County. The northern parts of Hardwick and Independence townships stayed in Sussex County and they were incorporated as Green Township together. There was a documentary made about Green called The History of Green Township in August of 2006. It was created by Kelsey Falkowski, and it follows the story of Green through historical landmarks, interviews with citizens that lived there for their whole lives, and it leads up to a contemporary view of the township. You can buy the documentary from the Green Township Historical Society. 

While visiting the beautiful Green Township, you and your family can take a nice day to visit the gorgeous Tranquility Farms. The farm is described as a family visitation spot with things such as pumpkin picking, delicious food from a new storefront, play area for kids, and farm animals to hang out with. Go visit today and enjoy nature. 

Whether you want to learn about the history of the township or spend time in tranquility Farms, you can be sure that propane will be able to fit into your life in some way. Propane is a green and clean source of energy that can work for you in a huge number of different settings. With Gastec, we can help you figure out a plan that will work out best for you. We offer many different types of propane, including residential and commercial propane. Residential propane, of course, is used in your regular home, and commercial propane is used for bigger buildings and for fueling vehicles like forklifts. Our propane can be delivered too with our helpful propane delivery services, so you can just keep on binging your shows while we come out and do all of the work for you. We’re happy to do so! And, you’ll be happy to know that our prices are fixed in a way that you get the best deal you can. We’ll go toe to toe with the other companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey so that your wallets won’t be weeping after you get your propane delivered and installed. Gastec has your back.

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