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Haddonfield is a borough found in Camden County, New Jersey. Even though it was her Quaker father, John Haddon, who purchased the 500 acres of land from across the ocean in England, the community was named after the American pioneer woman Elizabeth Haddon. It was she who set sail from Southwark, England to come to the land and establish what is now known as Haddonfield. The Indian King Tavern, built in 1750, played a significant role in the American Revolutionary War. During that war, the New Jersey Legislature met there, avoiding British forces, and in 1777, declared New Jersey to be an independent state. Today the tavern is a state historical site and museum. Even so, since 1873, Haddonfield has been a dry town where alcohol cannot be sold. Haddonfield is a significant historic paleontology site. In 1838, William Estaugh Hopkins uncovered large bones in a marl pit in which he was digging. Hopkins displayed the bones at his home, Birdwood; and these bones sparked the interest of a visitor, William Foulke. In 1858, Foulke dug from the marl pit, the first relatively complete skeleton of a dinosaur found in North America, Hadrosaurus foulkii. Arrowheads and pottery shards have also been found by residents of Haddonfield, revealing that the area was once home to the Lenni Lenape Native Americans. 

What do the stove you use to cook yourself breakfast, the shower that you use to keep yourself clean, and the generator that you use when the power is out all have in common? The answer is propane. Residential propane is a specialty of ours here at Gastec that we are happy to supply to the residents of Haddonfield. Since we value our business and our customers, we make sure to keep our word and provide the best possible propane services for the most satisfactory price. We really care about our customers, so we don’t charge them more than we think is necessary. We provide these excellent services as well as propane delivery services to clients big and small. Whether it be for commercial settings like farms, restaurants, or construction, Gastec can provide what you will need. We value our company and our customers, so we make sure they always have access to us if they come across any questions. Because of this, we have around-the-clock customer service reps to satisfy all of our customers’ propane needs. The people in Haddonfield have nothing to worry about because they are in the trusted hands of Gastec. We will make sure to do our best that each and every one of our customers is the happiest that they can be.

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