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Lawrence Township, NJ Propane

Previously known as Maidenhead township, Lawrence Township is located within Mercer County, New Jersey. Technically part of the New York Metropolitan area, Lawrence Township also directly borders the Philadelphia metropolitan area and is part of the Federal Communications Commission’s Philadelphia Designated Market Area. According to the 2010 United States Census, the township’s total population numbers close to 33,472 residents, an increase of almost 15% from the 2000 census.

The township was formed on February 20, 1697 as Maidenhead Township while the area was still part of the Burlington County. Quaker settlers named the area Maidenhead after the Thames River village located west of London. Later, Maidenhead township became part of Hunterdon County in 1714 before being incorporated as one of New Jersey’s first 104 townships by an act of New Jersey Legislature in 1798. Maidenhead would be renamed Lawrence Township on January 24, 1816 after Captain James Lawrence, one of the naval heroes of the War of 1812. Captain James Lawrence was the commander of the frigate USS Chesapeake and was a native of Burlington, New Jersey. Captain Lawrence is perhaps most famous for his dying command, “don’t give up the ship.”

The township’s total area measures 21.98 square miles and possesses a number of localities, including Bakersville, Clarksville, Colonial Lakelands, Cox Corner, Eldridge Park, Franklin Corner, Harneys Corner, Lawrence Station, Lewisville, Louisville, Port Mercer, Princeville, Quaker Bridge, Rosedale, Slackwood and Starwood Hamlet. Lawrence Township experiences hot New Jersey summers and rain all year round. Defined as a humid continental climate, Lawrence Township has been known to experience cold winters averaging just below freezing at 31.6 F.

 A number of different corporations have created headquarters within Lawrence Township, including Bristol -Myers Squibb’s Research and Development Division and the company Educational Testing Service. In addition to these corporations, Lawrence Township’s economy is also supported by Quaker Bridge Mall, a two-level indoor shopping mall with more than 100 retail establishments.

Propane company GasTec recognizes that many New Jersey township citizens unnecessarily spend hundreds of dollars each month heating their homes, pools, water, and powering their commercial buildings. Not only is propane one of the greenest sources of energy, but it is also reliable and more affordable than other natural gases. GasTec is committed to serving the residents of Lawrence Township and offering unbeatable propane services and propane delivery.