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Mangnolia, NJ Propane

Magnolia is a borough in Camden County, New Jersey with a population of around 4,000 people. Magnolia offers a rich historical background of Lenni-Lenape Indians, Colonial land grants, Quaker family legacies, and subdivision of land deeds originally recorded in the 17th century. 

The community was inhabited by the friendly tribe of Lenni-Lenape Indians and was rich in woodland, flowing streams, and lakes with abundant supplies of fish. The Quakers who later settled here made a modest living off the timber, fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and livestock, which were indigenous to this climate and soil. A small group of Quaker trustees, one of them being William Penn, engineered the division of Byllynge’s property into 90 shares, and anyone who was interested in establishing a Quaker Colony could buy them.  Divided into tenths, the first and second tenth portions became Burlington County and the third and fourth tenth became Gloucester County. The land that today comprises Magnolia was situated in the third tenth portion of Gloucester County in Western New Jersey. Now the borough has organizations such as a historical society to remember their past, and softball teams to encourage outdoor fun. Magnolia has been the site of one of seven remaining single-arch McDonald’s signs in the United States, with the bulk of signs in the nation matching the company’s trademarked Golden Arches.


 Propane is a great way for the residents of Magnolia to keep their homes warm during the winter. Here at Gastec, we provide residential propane services that allow our customers to keep their houses heated, their stoves cooking, and their lights on. Even the backup generator can be powered by propane. Our propane services outshine all the others with our amazing customer service paired with our excellent residential and commercial propane. This keeps our customers happy and more likely to spread the word and keep coming to us for any of their propane needs. Propane is such a resourceful fuel that can be used in so many unique ways. Residential propane isn’t the only thing that we specialize in. We also are able to provide our clients with the best commercial propane services in the area. Our customer service team is available to our clients 24/7 for anything that they may need. Since keeping our customers happy is our number one goal, we are able to offer our exceptional propane services for the prices that our clients can actually afford.