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Maple Shade is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey that is home to well over 19,000 residents. Maple Shade Township was first settled by the Roberts family in 1682 and developed in the early years, before the independence of the colonies, as primarily agricultural. For its first one hundred years, only Kings Highway served the area, providing poor travel, and residents chose travel by boat rather than overland as a result, until 1794 when the road that was to be Main Street was constructed to connect Kings Highway with the Cooper River ferry. Afterwards, new settlers and the families of the original settlers encouraged the division and sharing of the large plantations into smaller holdings, still agricultural in nature. The Settlement became more firmly established as a community in 1811, when the property was set aside by Joseph Burrough for the construction of a one-room brick school house, now known as the Little Red Schoolhouse, on Main Street, just west of Coles Avenue. The school served the residents of the Township for 97 years, closing in 1909. Following this was the construction of a sawmill, a blacksmith shop, and a wagon works. Long established and recognized as a community, Maple Shade Township has retained a strong business presence with light industrial and commercial centers, in addition to having an identity which is suburban within the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The result is a broad spectrum of local and regional amenities available to Maple Shade residents with a strong sense of common interest and community individuality.

When the weather turns colder, propane can be a really good way to heat your home. The people of Maple Shade Township have no need to look any further than Gastec for the best propane services around. Not only do we provide the most reasonable prices, but we also provide the most reliable propane delivery services. This around the clock propane delivery service keeps us assessable at all times to ensure our clients are always taken care of. We truly care about our customers, so we will make sure that the propane is delivered, handled, and installed with the utmost care. Our propane company specializes in residential propane, as well as commercial propane, and we provide excellent services for both. Residential propane is the propane that is used for in your home, like to power the kitchen stove, hot water heater, or generator. Our propane can be used in a multitude of different ways in a home and in commercial settings. Places like schools and restaurants can really benefit from using the commercial propane services from Gastec. Providing our customers with the best propane service available is our top priority, and that includes helping them with any problem that may come their way.



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