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Medford, NJ Propane

Medford is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey with a population of roughly 22,000. Samuel Coles purchased a section of land from William Penn and named it Upper Evesham. The Village continued to develop through the 1780’s largely due to the founding of the Etna and Taunton furnaces by Charles Read. Etna furnace, also known as Medford Lakes, went out of blast in 1773 but the grist and sawmill operated into the 20th century. The Taunton furnace supplied shot and shell to the Continental armies and Adonijah Peacock manufactured gunpowder for Washington’s armies at his farm on what is now Branin Road. After the Revolution and into the 1800’s,Upper Evesham struggled as a little village with a few houses strung along Main Street. On February 4th, 1847, Medford Township was “set apart from” Evesham by act of legislature. The first township meeting was held at the Cross Roads on March 9th, 1847. The seat of township government remained there for several years. One of Medford’s biggest boons began with the coming of the railroad in 1869. A glass factory on Mill Street was booming and there were sawmills and grist mills running full tilt. Now they had an easy way of getting their products to Philadelphia and New York. 

Propane is an excellent way for the people of Medford to be able to power their homes and stay cozy during the cold winter months. At Gastec, we provide residential propane services to our clients for anything they may need. Besides keeping the house warm, propane is also used to power the kitchen stove, the grill in the backyard, and even the backup generator. If your propane needs are a bit larger scale, no need to worry, because we also have great commercial propane services to help you and your company. Our propane services outshine all the others with our amazing customer service paired with our excellent residential and commercial propane services. Our customers are our neighbors, so we offer them the lowest prices possible. Our customer service is available to our customers at all times. We also provide around the clock propane delivery and installation services for your convenience. Since propane is considered a clean source of power, you can feel good about your propane usage.  It almost seems too wonderful to be true, but you better believe that here at Gastec, we always try out hardest to surpass the expectations of our clients.