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Moorestown, NJ Propane

Moorestown is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey as well as an eastern suburb of Philadelphia. Although there were property owners as early as 1680 in the present township location, formerly known as Chester Township, the Village of Moorestown was founded in 1682 when the first owners built their homes and actually lived here. In 1700, the 1st Society of Friends’ Meeting House, built of logs, was erected on King’s Highway. Originally known as Meeting House Lane, Chester Avenue was laid out in 1720. The Village at that time probably consisted of a few farmhouses along King’s Highway from Stanwick Road to Locust Street. Thomas Moore and his wife Elizabeth settled here in 1722 and in 1732, Moore purchased 33 acres of land on the north side of King’s Highway. The land ran from the west side of the Friends’ graveyard on the northwest corner of King’s Highway and Meeting House Lane on the east and west to Locust Street on the western boundary of his property and north to Second Street. Mr. Moore set up a hotel on the northwest corner of King’s Highway and Union Streets, which is currently a bank. With so much land eventually being owned by Thomas Moore, the name Moorestown gradually replaced Chester informally in what is now the center of town. Finally, Moorestown formerly split off from Chester and became a Township. 

Residents of Moorestown can take advantage of the best propane services around. Based out of Pennsylvania, our propane company supplies around0the-clock propane delivery services to our clients across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. With the versatility of the fuel, propane can be used for any type of job that you may have. Fortunately for the residents of Moorestown, we are known for our competency in residential and commercial propane services. For your family to stay warm during the winter, the residential propane services at Gastec can do the job. Anything from powering a grill to the back-up generator, propane can help in your home. Commercial propane is also a skill of Gastec’s. We are able to provide top notch service at low prices. Making our customers happy makes us happy, which is why we offer 247 customer service to ensure that our clients are always taken care of. The residents of Moorestown will always be able to rely on Gastec for any and every one of their propane needs.