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Mount Ephraim, NJ Propane

What was once a colonial settlement, is now the borough known as Mount Ephraim in Camden County, New Jersey. The community was named after Ephraim Albertson, who owned the Public House, also called the Old Tavern. The tavern was a popular meeting place at Black Horse Pike & Kings Highway from 1800 to 1825. It was also operating as a station for stagecoach companies between Camden, Philadelphia and the coast. Alberton supplied them with horses as well as room and board for both horses and men. From this reputation is why Mount Ephraim got its name from his name. Then the Center Township was formed in 1855 and it was comprised of Mt. Ephraim, Runnemede, Bellmawr, Brooklawn, Magnolia, Barrington, and Lawnside. In the same year, the first town meeting was held as well as the first post office was opened in the town. Over the next few years, the community continued to expand. It wasn’t until 1926 that the community was actually incorporated as a borough. Now the borough is home to about 4,500 people accompanied by a rich history. Dedicated in the fall of 1947, now situated at Davis and Garfield Avenues, in Mount Ephraim, NJ., the Mount Ephraim War Memorial bears a list of Mount Ephraim residents lost in World War II. 

The residents of Mount Ephraim can relax about keeping their house warm during the cold months when they use our propane services. Thanks to our great skills in residential propane, the homes of Mount Ephraim will be having a hot shower, a working stove, lights that turn on, and much more. Propane is actually an environmentally friendly power source that can be applied for various different uses. Residential propane is not all the flexible fuel can manage as it is capable of handling larger commercial jobs as well. Companies that may require a propane filling station can even rely on Gastec to supply that for them. We take pride in keeping our customers happy, so we give them best price for the best possible service. We even go as far as to offer propane delivery services to the homes and businesses of our clients. In order to genuinely be able to know that our customers remain happy, we make sure to offer around-the-clock customer service so that our clients will never have a question go unanswered. We know that if we make our customers happy, they will make us happy by continuing to come back.