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Oaklyn, NJ Propane

Once a dense forest is now a borough known as Oaklyn in Camden County, New Jersey that currently has a population of upwards of 4,000. Oaklyn was originally populated by the Lenape Native Americans but was then settled by a group of Quakers seeking religious freedom from Ireland. Their leader, William Bates, then purchased 250 acres of land from the local Native Americans and created Newton Colony. The Colony began to grow rapidly and the land was cleared for farming. Eventually, two highways were laid out. One, from the Delaware River to Egg Harbor, followed an old Native American trail, which is today known as Black Horse Pike. The other was known as the Long-a-coming trail, which extended from Atlantic City to Berlin and then from Berlin to Camden. This trail is now known as the White Horse Pike. After the American Revolutionary War, a group of Virginia sportsmen built a racetrack on the east side of the White Horse Pike. President Ulysses S. Grant visited this track as a young man before it closed in 1846. As the years passed, the farms along Newton Creek were divided into lots and the development called “Oakland the Beautiful”, for the many trees in the area. The name was changed to Oaklyn in 1894 to avoid confusion with another Oakland in North Jersey. 

Propane is something that the residents of Oaklyn will never run short of with the help of our propane company, Gastec. This eco-friendly power source is a great way to fuel your home or business. Propane is a clean power source that we specialize in providing. We offer our clients services for both residential and commercial uses. When you are turning on the stove or switching on the lights, you could be using propane in your home for that. Powering something like a forklift would fall under the category of commercial propane. We specialize in both types of propane services here at Gastec. The main goal of our propane company is to keep our customers completely satisfied. We do this by giving our customers access to our customer service team at all times so that they can assist with anything that may come up. We also have the ability with our system to offer people the absolute highest quality of propane services, for the lowest price. We want to be able to give our customers what they need without breaking their bank in the process. This way, we are able to help more people and grow and better their business.