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The borough of Palmyra is located in Burlington County, New Jersey and is home to over 7,000 people. Palmyra was originally incorporated as a township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 19, 1894, from portions of Cinnaminson Township and Riverton. On February 20, 1923, Palmyra was reincorporated as a borough. The area that is now Palmyra was settled in the late 17th century by Swedes, marking the northernmost border of New Sweden. Farming was the primary use of the land in Palmyra and the surrounding area until after the construction of the Camden and Amboy Railroad in 1834 with a station in the area, after which railroad workers built the homes on lots, they purchased along the railroad right of way. The community was originally known as Texas, but a local landowner, Isaiah Toy, a descendant of the original Swedish settlers and a stockholder in the Camden and Amboy Railroad, who wanted to have a post office established in the community, convinced the railroad to change the name of the station in 1849 to Palmyra, which came from his love of ancient history. Palmyra was the name of an ancient trading center located in central Syria. 

Being cold during the winter could be ancient history for the people of Palmyra when they choose Gastec as their propane provider. Heating homes is not the only use for our residential propane. Propane is an environmentally safe source of power that can be used for an assortment of different things. Residential propane can be used to power the kitchen stove, the lights in the house, and the barbecue out back. Our abilities do not stop there, as we also specialize in commercial propane services for larger scale projects that a borough may require. As a Pennsylvania based company, we are able to reach all of our clients in Delaware and New Jersey with our 24/7 propane delivery services. We also provide access to our customer service department to help with any issues that may possibly arise. These excellent services are offered to our clients for an affordable price that is quite competitive with our competition. Every one of our customers should expect to be treated with the upmost care from our amazing staff, and the propane that they need will always be handled and installed with incredible expertise. The people of Palmyra are in good hands with Gastec.

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