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Parlin, New Jersey, is an unincorporated community within Old Bridge Township and Sayreville Borough in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The last known recording of Parlin’s population took place during the 2000 United States Census and was recorded at just over 20,000 people. Located within the Raritan Valley region, near the Raritan River, Parlin was originally settled by the Tribes of the Navesink who lived along the South River. During the early 20th century, archaeologists found thousands of Indian artifacts within the area but were unable to date all artifacts found. The area was first documented on a 1656 map made by Adrian van der Donck, a Dutch immigrant and map maker. 

Before Parlin’s surrounding Sayreville Borough was established, the area was home to the Morgan Inn. The Morgan family is well known throughout Parlin and Sayreville for their roots in the area as well as their significant roles during the Revolutionary war. The Morgans are said to be related to the famous pirate Captain Henry Morgan, who is believed to have visited the inn. While the inn burned to the ground in 1976, its ruins are considered a historic landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. 

In addition to housing many historic landmarks, Sayreville’s clay deposits, and soil content have earned an international reputation with the scientific community and are a major source of museum-quality fossils preserved in amber. Since first discovering the deposits, scientists have been able to collect hundreds of samples of insects and plants that are estimated to be close to 90 million years old. From these samples, scientists have been able to conclude that the New Jersey area had a tropical climate during the Cretaceous Period. 

In addition to its connections to the scientific community, Parlin and Sayreville Borough have gained notoriety for notable people born within the area. Some of these people include Tom Kelly and Kevin Mulvey, former members of the Minnesota Twins, and Junior Diaz, a Dominican-American writer.

Well-known New Jersey propane company GasTec has spent years cultivating a strong relationship with the people of Parlin. From local businesses to Parlin homes, the GasTec propane delivery program allows residents to access Gastec’s propane services with ease. In Parlin and many other areas of New Jersey, commercial and residential propane is used for everything from home heating to industrial energy. GasTec values its Parlin customers and will continue to provide reliable commercial and residential propane to this historic town.

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