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Sister city to Easton, Pennsylvania, the town of Phillipsburg was incorporated in 1861 and named after William Phillips, a settler of the area. Located near the Delaware River, Phillipsburg is considered part of the Delaware Valley region and borders the Lehigh Valley region. As of the 2010 United States Census, Phillipsburg town’s population is over 15,000 residents, making it one of the most populated towns in Warren County.

Originally an agricultural village, Phillipsburg was transformed into a transportation hub after the introduction of various railroad lines and canals in the surrounding area. After the Morris Canal was built in 1829, Phillipsburg served as a shipping center for nearly 100 years due to its proximity to New York City, just 107 miles away. While the Central Railroad of New Jersey was built soon after and served as a direct competitor to the Morris Canal, Phillipsburg kept the majority of business as the community reached both the Delaware Canal and Lehigh Canal by its cross-river cable ferry system to Easton. Phillipsburg experienced another period of rapid growth in 1853 after the Lehigh Valley Railroad connected to the CNJ, the Belvidere Delaware Railroad, and the Morris Canal, all of which operated within Phillipsburg. Eight years later, the town was incorporated from portions of Phillipsburg Township, now known as Lopatcong Township. Recently, Phillipsburg was selected as a site for the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Heritage Center, which will showcase and preserve New Jersey and Phillipsburg railroad and transportation history.

Within recent years, Phillipsburg has experienced an economic revival after becoming an Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ). In 1994, Phillipsburg was selected as one of a group of 10 zones to join the program. The UEZ allows towns to offer a reduced sales tax of 3.3125%, or half of the normal 6 5/8% rate changed statewide as well as other benefits. Since the start of the program, many businesses have moved to the center of Phillipsburg, causing surrounding real estate prices to increase.

Today, Phillipsburg is one of the many New Jersey towns that propane company GasTec is proud to serve. GasTec understands the importance of the transportation industry and its rich history in New Jersey. Today, GasTec helps power fleets across the east coast with their Autogas program and propane delivery services, which provide reliable and clean fuel to America’s trucking fleets. Whether it be supplying residential propane to heat Phillipsburg homes and businesses or commercial propane to power its transportation hub, GasTec will continue to provide reliable services to the residents and businesses of Phillipsburg.

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