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Located along the Delaware River just ten mile north of Philadelphia, Riverton is a borough in Burlington County, New Jersey that is home to around 2,700 people. It was founded in 1851 by a group of ten Philadelphians for summer homes for their families; Robert & William C. Biddle, Caleb & James Clothier, Dillwyn & William D. Parrish, Rodman Wharton, Daniel L. Miller, Jr., Chalkley Gillingham, and Prof. Charles D. Cleveland. This group, most of whom were Quakers, had discussed such a project for some time as industrialization along the Schulylkill River in Pennsylvania made that region less desirable. They wanted a site offering country living with easy access to Philadelphia. Riverton offered both. Within five months of its purchase in January 1851, the riverfront was developed as planned. The Riverton Yacht Club was organized in 1865. In 1880 it erected a clubhouse on the pier. It is the oldest Yacht Club on the Delaware River and one of the oldest in the country. Now more than 150 years old, the pier is the last remaining steamboat landing on the Delaware River. Although no longer used by paddlewheel steamboats it has remained in constant use. Today sailing enthusiasts call it home. The stick-style clubhouse is often the subject of photographers and painters.

The residents of Riverton will not ever have to worry about their power when they choose Gastec as their propane company. For many years, we have the been the most reputable propane company in the area. Based out of Pennsylvania, our reach stretches into New Jersey and Delaware. Our deep roots in the industry, coupled with our expertise in advanced propane technologies, allow us to provide our customers with the absolute best service at the best prices. We are a full-service propane provider, with residential and commercial propane services. Keeping on the lights, heating the house, or running a generator are all tasks that can be powered by our residential propane. We will even deliver the propane to your house and install it right there for you. Once you choose Gastec for your propane needs, you will gain access to our around-the-clock customer service support where we will be able to help you with any questions that may arise. Whatever your propane needs, we will customize a plan that is perfect just for you. Gastec is the obvious choice when selecting a propane company that has your needs in mind. 

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