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Sandyston Township is a small rural township in Sussex County, New Jersey, located in the northwestern part of the state near the Pennsylvania border. The township is surrounded by and part of many national and state parks. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township’s population was 1,998, reflecting an increase of 173 from the 1,825 counted in the 2000 Census. Sandyston’s growth in recent years has been attributed to the influx of people from more urban parts of the state and even New York City, located less than 75 miles away. The township has a total area of around 42.06 square miles with about 41.33 square miles of that being land and about .73 square miles of the total area being water. New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Sandyston Township as its 26th best place to live in its 2008 rankings of the “Best Places To Live” in New Jersey.Sandyston was first formed by Royal charter on February 26, 1762, from portions of Walpack Township. Sandyston was incorporated as a township on February 21, 1798, by an act of the New Jersey Legislature as part of the initial group of 104 townships incorporated in the state. 

While in Sandyston, you may find yourself wishing for a warm and cozy house. You can switch to propane today as your house’s power supply today, with the help from our company, Gastec. We work hard to help our customers determine the right propane plan that works for them, and we get them a good price too. We go up to bat against the other companies so that your wallet isn’t cursing the propane that’ll be used in your home. Or your commercial building. Here at Gastec, we’re experts in all things propane, whether it be residential propane used for houses or commercial propane used for warehouses and commercial buildings. Propane can do a ton of things in the house such as working appliances in the kitchen or warming the house, while commercial propane can power a huge building. There are some differences between the two, but with the help from our staff, you can figure out the type of propane you need and get it delivered too.  We’ll do what we can to give you the best service, the best propane, and the best price. Our staff wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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