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The capital city of New Jersey and former capital of the United States, today, Trenton, New Jersey, is home to more than 85,000 residents. Founded on June 3, 1719, and named after William Trent, a prominent trader and Merchant of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. Trenton became New Jersey’s capital on November 25, 1790, and the city of Trenton was officially formed November 13, 1792. The Trenton area’s earliest known residents were the Lenape Native Americans before Quakers established a European settlement in the area in 1679. During the American Revolutionary War, Trenton was the site of the Battle of Trenton, which took place from December 25-26, 1776. The battle was General Washington’s first military victory against the British. 

During the 18th century, Trenton’s population grew as European immigrants traveled to work in Trenton’s established pottery and wine rope mills. Today, the city’s total area measures 8.21 sq miles and connects to Pennsylvania via several different bridges. Trenton is located near the geographic center of New Jersey. For this reason, Trenton is often included as part of North Jersey, South Jersey, the northernmost city of the Delaware Valley, and the southernmost city of the Tri-State Region. Many Trenton residents argue whether Trenton is more affected by Philadelphian influence or New York influence. 

Before the early 20th century, Trenton was a major manufacturing center. An old Trenton slogan, “Trenton Makes, The World Takes,” to this day is still displayed on the Lower Free Bridge. Trenton has been a major manufacturing center of rubber, ceramics, cigars, and wire rope throughout its history. Today, Trenton’s biggest employer remains the state of New Jersey, with more than 20,000 state workers entering Trenton from surrounding areas each workday. Other notable employers within Trenton are Italian Peoples Bakery, De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies, and Papa’s Tomato Pies. 

Some of Trenton’s most well-known landmarks include:

Old Barracks – The site of British troops barracks used during the French and Indians War as well as the Revolutionary War.

William Trent House – Founded in 1719 by William Trent, namesake of the city of Trenton, the house has since been owned by Governor Lewis Morris, Governor Philemon Diverson, and Rodman M. Price.

Trenton Battle Monument – Built in honor of the Continental Army’s victory during the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776. 

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