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Wantage Township, NJ Propane

Home to nearly 12,000 residents, the Wantage Township in Sussex County was formed as a precinct in May 1754 from portions of Newton Township and was officially designated a township in 1798. Named after Wantage, England, the township lies on 67.48 sq miles of land within the Kittatinny Valley and stretches to the Great Appalachian Valley. One of the more notable areas within Wantage Township is Routan Hill, otherwise known as Volcanic Hill. Located near Beemerville is Routan hill,  New Jersey’s sole volcanic site, which was last active over 440 million years ago.

The township completely surrounds the Sussex borough. For this reason, Wantage Township is recognized as one of the 21 “doughnut towns” in the state. While Wantage borders the townships of Frankford, Hardyston, Lafayette, Montague, Sandyston, Vernon, Greenville, and Minisink, Wantage Township has always had a close connection with Sussex borough, with both their communities frequently intermingling at various community events.

Within Wantage Township lies a number of rivers and streams, all tributaries in the Wallkill River watershed. Some of these streams include the 20-mile long Papakating Creek, West Branch Papakating Creek, which runs throughout Frankford, Wantage, and Sussex County; Neepaulakating Creek, which was later dammed to create Lake Neepaulin, and Clove Brook, also dammed to created Clove Acres Lake. 

Due to the township’s relatively small size, Wantage Township children attend the schools within the Sussex-Wantage Regional School District with other students from Sussex. In the 2019 census, the School District’s three schools listed total enrollment at 1,043 students and a little more than 104.5 classroom teachers. The three schools within the district are Clifton E. Lawrence School, Wantage Elementary School, and Sussex Middle School. For grades 9-12, Wantage high school students attend High Point Regional High School with students from the surrounding townships of Branchville, Frankford Township, Lafayette Township, and Montague Township. 

GasTec is a proud provider of propane and propane services for many townships within New Jersey and is lucky to include Wantage in its list of serviced areas. For over 40 years, GasTec has provided Wantage Township residents with reliable, green, and affordable energy for their various energy needs. Today, propane company GasTec is able to service Wantage citizens by providing propane delivery services, for maximum convenience and peace-of-mind. Some of many uses of GasTec propane include: 

Residential Propane – Fuel for cooking, individual home heating, water heating, pool heating, emergency energy, etc.

Commercial Propane – Heating of schools, emergency energy, fuel for commercial vehicles including school buses, new construction, etc.