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Warren, NJ Propane

Located within the Raritan Valley region, Warren is a township in Somerset County, New Jersey that is home to over 15,300 people. Warren was originally inhabited by the Lenape Native American tribe and was colonized in the 1720s by European farmers. Warren was named for Revolutionary War patriot, General Joseph Warren, who was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. By the time of the American Revolution, fewer than a hundred families lived in what would become Warren, earning a living from the stone-scattered fields. In the 1830s Germans settled in the Washington Valley, soon followed by French and Swiss and later by Italians, all of whom turned their industrious hands to whatever work there was to do. The Civil War divided the township sharply. Fifty or so men joined the northern ranks, many of them draftees, while at home County Freeholder Daniel Cory was jailed by the federal government for disloyalty. Throughout the late nineteenth century and into the early twentieth, the principal industries were livestock, fruit and grain raising, dairy farming, and logging. Now, the township is a bedroom suburb of New York City in the much larger New York metropolitan area. As early as 1900, it became a destination for wealthy residents looking to escape nearby New York City. The township has been one of the state’s highest-income communities. In July 2009, ranked Warren sixth in the nation on its list of “Best Places to Live” in the United States, citing in particular, its schools. 

With Warren being a township with such a good reputation to uphold, having reliable power systems would be important in maintaining this positive image. Keeping the residents in Warren happy with well-heated homes and businesses is a job well-suited for Gastec. We specialize in both residential and commercial propane to give our clients the level of service they deserve. Our propane company can offer some of the best services, for an equally great price. The satisfaction of our customers is more valuable to us than the extra money we could make if we were to charge more. The residents of Warren will be able to keep their house warm, power their stoves to prepare meals, and keep the lights running in case of an emergency, all with the residential propane services from Gastec. The commercial propane services that we offer at Gastec would be able to take on any larger-scale challenges. Our Pennsylvania-based propane company offers some of the best propane delivery services around, reaching clients across the state and into Delaware and New Jersey as well. We are able to deliver our propane right to our clients for their ultimate convenience.