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Washington, NJ Propane

Washington, New Jersey is a Warren County borough located in the easternmost region of Lehigh Valley. Washington stretches across 1.97 sq miles and is home to nearly 6,500 residents. The area was incorporated as a borough by New Jersey Legislature enacted on February 20th, 1868 from portions of Washington Township. Named after the nation’s first president, Washington borough is one of the more than ten communities within New Jersey named after George Washington. Some local residents believe that the borough was actually named for the Washington House tavern built during the Revolutionary War by Col. William McCullough in 1811. The tavern, however, burned down in 1869, one year after the incorporation of Washington Borough. 

Washington borough is one of 21 New Jersey “doughnut towns” as it is completely surrounded by Washington Township. Between Washington borough and Phillpsburgh lies the Pohatcong Mountain ridge. The ridge, which stands approximately 6 miles, is part of the Appalachian Mountains. The ridge is close to 800ft high for a large portion of its length and divides Pohatcong Creek and Musconetcong River watersheds.

Washington’s community grew during the 19th century due to the area’s proximity to several transportation routes. The Morris Canal, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad lines all crossed near or within the borough. In addition to these railroad lines, two major roadways intersect at the center of Washington borough, Route 31 and Route 57. In addition to proximity to major transportation routes, Washington is known for its annual community events, including Washington Celebrates America (July 4th), Warren Arts and Craft Beer Festival (April), and Festival in the Borough, which takes place every September. Washington borough has recently gained notoriety for its proximity to Edison, New Jersey, the birthplace of pop singer Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, known by her stage name as Halsey. Since the start of her career, Halsey has sold over one million albums and been streamed over six billion times. 

Since the start of Gastec’s autogas program, propane company GasTec has been able to service American trucking fleets across the American midwest and northeast. Not only is propane a more efficient fuel, but it also one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels and produces less greenhouse gas per gallon than either diesel or gasoline. GasTec understands the importance of servicing each town’s unique propane service needs, whether these needs be residential, industrial, or focused on transportation. For all of Washington’s propane needs, GasTec will be there to provide affordable and reliable propane delivery and services.