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A small historic unincorporated community within Robbinsville Township, today, Windsor is home to 50 homes with a total population of 226 residents. Windsor covers roughly 570 acres and is most well known for its historical significance. 

One of the earliest mentions of Windsor’s area dates back to the 17th century when the area was the site of several Native American camps. In 1818, the town was named Centerville due to its geographic location at the center of the state of New Jersey. Until then, the area was known as Magrilla and possessed heavily wooded lands. 

The area was settled after the completion of the Bordentown and South Amboy stagecoach turnpike in 1814. William McKnight, director fo the turnpike company, decided to build a tavern to cater to travelers at the intersection of the turnpike and present-day Windsor-Perrineville Road. Today, the turnpike has evolved into a major thruway between New York City and Philadelphia. Prior to the turnpike’s creation, the road was known as the Tuckaraming Trail, a path used by Native Americans prior to European Settlement in the 15th century. In 1831 the Camden and Amboy Railroad was constructed through Centerville, and the village became a rest stop for rail travelers and a center for the town’s thriving farm and mill owners. During this time, the village’s population grew and became the largest village between Yardvill and Hightstown. In 1846, Centerville was renamed Windsor to avoid confusion with a Centerville post office in Hunterdon County. Until 1797 Windsor was located within Windsor Township until it was divided into East Windsor and West Windsor townships. In 1860, East Windsor was once again divided, with the southern portions being used to create Washington Township, present-day Robbinsville township. 

In 1992, Windsor was added to the National Register of Historic Places. In order to be eligible for the National Register, property or location must meet at least one of the four main criteria. 

Criteria A – Event – the property related to an important event in American history. 

Criteria B – Person – the location is connected to a significant people of American history. 

Criteria C – Design/Construction- the property possesses distinctive characteristics of architecture or construction. 

Criteria D – Information potential – that property has given or will give important information relevant to American history or prehistory. 

Propane company GasTec is proud to service historical centers like Windsor and is committed to preserving this history while providing modern and affordable propane to its local businesses and residents. From commercial propane to residential propane, GasTec can deliver green and efficient propane to Windsor locals’ doors with the help of its new propane delivery services.

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