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New London is a township in Chester County, Pennsylvania with a population of about 5,600 lovely people. New London has a total area of 11.9 square miles, all of that area being made of land. The township of New London has a few historic places as well, including The Rudolph and Arthur Covered Bridge and The Linton Stephens Covered Bridge. New London was chartered in 1723, and it is the birthplace of Thomas McKean. 

Born on March 19, 1734, Thomas McKean was a well known lawyer and politician. He was known for having many public positions including President of Delaware, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, Governor of Pennsylvania, President of Congress, and a delegate to the Continental Congress. Thomas McKean signed both the American Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. He died in June of 1817.  

Thomas McKean did so many things while he was alive. He was always busy! You’re probably always busy too, so when you’re home, you might want your house to be a nice and cozy haven. When the weather turns colder, propane can be a great way to warm your house. The propane used in your average house is called residential propane, and it’s one of our specialties here at Gastec. We’re a propane company based in Pennsylvania that cares about our customers getting the best service possible at the best price they can get. We go up against all of the other companies in the state to make sure that you get a price that works for you without breaking the bank. With our propane, you can do a ton of different things both in your home or your commercial building. Need to cook a meal in your kitchen? You can use propane for that. Need to fuel a forklift? Propane can help with that too. Here at Gastec, we want you to use our propane with no issues. So, our staff works hard to provide you with 24/7 customer service. We can also offer delivery for our propane products. The people of Pennsylvania will never have to worry about how they’re going to fuel their homes or buildings, because we can offer propane all over the state! We care about our customers, so we want you to get the best for your money.