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Propane Newtown Square Pennsylvania

Newtown Square is a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania with a population of around 19,705 people and a total area of 10.09 square miles, .07 of that being water. The township was first brought up in 1684 when two collectors, Thomas Norbury and John Humphrey, were appointed to collect for “the Levie for the courthouse and Prison for ye Township of Newtowne”. Used as a townstead for early Welsh settlers, called Quakers or Friends, the town ended up constructing the first road at the time and called it Newtown Street Road. The road ran from north to south and it was used by the Quakers to get from meeting to meeting. In 1687, they created Goshen Road, which ran from east to west for the same purpose. By 1696, there were enough “friends” to hold meetings in Newtown and they ended up constructing the Newtown Square Friends Meeting House. 

 Newtown was becoming a farming community by the 18th century, and they ended up building some wheelwright and blacksmith shops to service buggy and horse travelers. There were taverns and inns built to accommodate patrons both local and passing through. By the 19th century, there were mills built along Crum Creek and Darby Creek, and they included sawmills, paper mills, shingle mills, and a wool factory. Today, there are a number of historic sites to visit in Newtown for the average history buff. These include the Square Tavern built in 1742 and the Paper Mill House which was built in 1770. The Square Tavern was restored both in 1981 and 2008, and the Paper Mill House was restored in the 1980s. 

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