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Propane Pennington, New Jersey

One of several boroughs located in Mercer County, Pennington borough is home to 2,585 New Jerseyans. Incorporated on January 31, 1890, Pennington County was initially named Queenstown after Queen Anne. However, the borough changed its name in honor of Edward Penington (1667-1701), the son of the British Quaker leader Isaac Penington, an appointed Surveyor-General of Pennsylvania by kinsman William Penn. Edward Penington’s father-in-law was a Governor of the province of West Jersey. Henry Gannett, the American geographer, and Father of the Quadrangle, attributes the name to the Pennington family’s colonial governors. Pennington was established as a borough by New Jersey Legislature on January 31, 1890, from portions of Hopewell Township. Today, the borough is a “dry borough,” where alcohol cannot be bought or sold.

According to the Koppen climate classification system, the borough is classified as having a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. During the middle of May, Pennington borough celebrates Pennington Day, a day where the entire borough meets on Main Street and purchases goods from local businesses, and enjoys street food. The event was started in the 1980s and today features a town parade and local music.

Despite having only 2,500 residents, Pennington is home to the Hopewell Valley Regional School District, which serves students from Hopewell Borough, Hopewell Township, and Pennington Borough. The school district is comprised of six schools and enrolls a total of 3,500 students. Schools located within the district include Bear Tavern Elementary School, Hopewell Elementary School, Stony Brook Elementary School, Toll Gate Grammar School, Timberlane Middle School, and Hopewell Valley Central High School. Eighth grades students from all Mercer County schools are eligible to apply to the high school programs sponsored by Mercer County Technical Schools. The programs take place at Health Sciences Academy, STEM Academy, and Academy of Culinary Arts.

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