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Propane Pennsauken, New Jersey

Pennsauken is a township in Camden County, New Jersey that was officially incorporated in 1892. Pennsauken is a town of 35,000 that offers many amenities that larger towns do not provide. The township has an active youth athletic association, great schools, and wonderful recreation opportunities including golf, hockey, crewing and more. While exactly how the town got its name is unknown, it most likely is derived from the indigenous Lenni Lenape people or from William Penn. The Lenni Lenape people use the term “Pindasenauken” to describe a tobacco pouch, so many think it is named after this. Others note that William Penn was an important figure, so the name must be after him and then included “sauk” which means  a water inlet or outlet.  Something that is notable is that Pennsauken was home to America's first drive-in movie theater, created in 1933 with the opening of the Camden Drive-In in Pennsauken. What a great way for families to get to go out and enjoy their evenings. The township now holds one of the finest memorials to September 11th, 2001 in the area. The artist used local residents as models for the bronze statues that are a part of the memorial located at the intersection of Route 130 and Merchantville Avenue. The people in this town know how to elegantly hold on to history. 

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