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Allentown is Pennsylvania’s third-most-populous city, home to about 118,000 and located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Located on the Lehigh River, Allentown is the largest of three adjacent cities in Northampton and Lehigh counties that make up the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. The area that is today the center of Allentown was laid out as Northampton Town in 1762 by William Allen, a wealthy shipping merchant, former mayor of the city of Philadelphia and then-Chief Justice of the Province of Pennsylvania. Allentown holds historical significance as the location where the Liberty Bell (then known as the Pennsylvania State House bell) was successfully hidden from the British during the American Revolutionary War. The City of Allentown is characterized by a large stock of historic homes, commercial structures and century-old industrial buildings. There are three historic districts in Allentown: Old Allentown, the Old Fairgrounds and the West Park neighborhoods. One of the city’s older surviving structures, Miller Symphony Hall, at 23 North Sixth Street, dates from 1896 and originally housed the city’s public market. It is the premier performing arts facility in Allentown, home of the Allentown Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Pennsylvania Sinfonia, Community Concerts of Allentown, Allentown Band, and Community Music School of the Lehigh Valley. Built around 1896 as the Central Market Hall, the structure was converted to a theater in 1899 by the architectural firm of J.B. McElfatrick and renamed the Lyric Theater. Perhaps one of only a dozen of the famous McElfatrick designs still standing, the building has been used for burlesque shows, vaudeville, silent films, symphony orchestras, and other forms of entertainment for well over a century.

Full of rich history, Allentown has a lot that it desires to preserve. Using propane to power their homes and community is an excellent way to preserve the atmosphere of the city. A natural gas, propane is considered to be environmentally friendly while also very powerful. Here at Gastec, we supply propane services for small- and large-scale jobs. The people of Allentown will be able to cook their meals, heat their homes, and use their lights all with the help of Gastec’s residential propane services. Our propane company also supplies commercial propane services to bulk facilities, construction sites, warehouses and more. We take great pride in providing superior propane services, for prices that other places can not beat. A Pennsylvania based propane company, we offer propane delivery services to people through the state, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. For such a populous city like Allentown, a reputable propane supplier is important. Gastec is the perfect fit. With our customer service support working day and night to make sure that every customer of ours has everything they need. 

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