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Aston, PA Propane

Aston is a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania with a population of around 16,592 people and a total area of 5.84 square miles. Aston was known as Northley until 1687 and it’s one of the first townships in Pennsylvania. The name was changed to Aston in honor of the town’s constable Edward Carter’s hometown of Aston, Oxfordshire, England. The township was settled in 1682 and the current boundaries were set in 1945 when a portion of the township was incorporated into the borough Chester Heights. 

Aston, Pennsylvania has a ton of fun things to do, like ice skating, ax throwing, an outdoor stage, and multiple family fun centers. Aston also has some brilliant restaurants like the Big Bad Wolf Barbeque, Taste Budz Cafe, Towne & Country Cafe, and Laspada’s Original Steaks. These restaurants and activities have shining reviews, so many people have gone and enjoyed these places in Aston, Pennsylvania, and during your stay there you can enjoy them too. 


During your time in Aston, Pennsylvania, you can also enjoy the many uses of propane in your home or commercial building. At Gastec, we take great pride in helping Pennsylvanians with all their propane and propane supply needs.  This is why we are more than happy to help answer any customer’s questions about propane or help them decide on the type of propane that they need. Gastec primarily supplies two kinds of propane, residential and commercial. The main difference between the two is how the propane is used, either in the workplace or in the home. Residential propane can is used for things in your everyday home. It can help you keep the lights on in an emergency where you lose your electricity, cook things in the kitchen, or keep the house at a nice warm temperature during the cold months. Commercial propane is similar to residential propane, but they have their differences. Commercial propane is used in big commercial buildings and it’s also used to fuel vehicles like forklifts. For both residential and commercial use, propane gas is one of the cheapest entertainment options on the market. Gastec has some of the best propane prices in Pennsylvania and is committed to keeping prices lower than other suppliers in your area. You won’t get better service for a better price. Whether you and your family are staying in Aston or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, Gastec is there to help you with your propane needs.

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