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In Chester County, Pennsylvania, there is a borough called Atglen. Home to about 1,400 people, Atglen, Pennsylvania used to be a complete wilderness. The area developed into a town as Native Americans traveled from Paxtang, which is now known as Harrisburg, to New Castle, Delaware. They traveled often to trade with both the Swedes and the English (however, the Swedes were trading on the trail before the English). One trail that came out of these travels ended up being The Great Minquas Path. Also known as The Great Trail, the trail was used as a trade route in the 17th century by the Minquas people and either the Dutch, Swedish or English as they were always battling for control of the fur-trading route. During the 18th century, settlers were attracted to the borough because of the township’s land, which was good for farming. The trading routes became horse tracks and eventually, they became wagon tracks. The town was referred to as Penningtonville until the 1870s and there was a post office established in 1842 that went by that name. The name Atglen was commonly used by then and in 1876, there was an official statement naming the village as the Borough of Atglen. Today, Atglen is a close town to some of Pennsylvania’s attractions. The borough is only a few minutes from both the Strasburg Railroad and Dutch Wonderland. 



In Atglen, people can rely on us for propane services, such as heating their homes. Propane is a good source of power that can be used in many different settings. Propane can be used in a ton of ways both in your home and in commercial settings. Residential propane is used for different services within your home. The people of Atglen can use propane to whip something up in the kitchen, keep their houses nice and cozy, or even keep the lights on in the event of a power outage. Our propane company is based in PA and we offer our propane for an affordable price. Our list of propane services includes 24/7 support and propane delivery, along with prices to compete with the other propane companies in Pennsylvania. We help our customers from the very beginning of their shopping experience, and we are willing to help out with any problems the customer may have. With propane services ranging from residential propane to commercial, the people of Atglen, PA can rest easy knowing that we will provide any propane service they need.

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