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Center Valley, PA Propane

Center Valley is an unincorporated community within the Upper Saucon Township in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. In 1743, European immigrants arrived in the region and settled the land into the Township it is today. Agriculture formed the basis of the Township’s economy for most of its history. Wheat, rye, oats, corn, potatoes, clover, timothy, fruits and garden vegetables were some of the Township’s early agricultural products. The Village of Center Valley formed the principle gathering spot for the Township and evolved as a linear community initially focused on the intersection of present-day Routes 309 and 378. Construction of the North Pennsylvania Railroad through the Township in 1856 brought improved transportation and expanded access to urban markets. The rail line established its Center Valley Station on the east side of the Saucon Creek about a quarter of a mile east of the village nucleus. The Center Valley Station became an important shipping point for agricultural products from surrounding farms. The community around the station was at one point locally known as “Milk Town” because of the large quantity of milk that was shipped out of the area. In addition to the agricultural trade, the Township’s other key industry was mining. The mining of zinc ore first occurred on the farm of Jacob Ueberroth, which was eventually purchased by the Lehigh Zinc Company and was the largest of the many mines in the local area. The Lehigh Zinc Company was eventually acquired by the New Jersey Zinc Company and the property is currently owned by the Stabler Land Company.

Whether it be keeping your milk refrigerated to prevent it from spoiling or providing power for one of the largest mines in the area, we are able to give you the power you need with our propane services here at Gastec. The people of Center Valley Pennsylvania are in good hands since we specialize in both residential and commercial propane services to fit their every need. Residential propane is able to do things such as heating your home, cooking your dinner, or just keeping the lights running. Based out of Pennsylvania, Center Valley is close to home. The residents here are able to benefit from our many different services. We love serving the people of this community, because we are part of this community. We provide propane delivery services to your home, or if you are close you can stop by for a walk-in propane refill. Since we value our customers so highly, we also have around the clock customer service available to our clients with any questions. The people of Center Valley will never have to worry about where to get their propane when they choose to go with Gastec.