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Originally included as a borough in 1737, Coopersburg is a suburb of Allentown in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. The first settlers of the place were mostly Mennonites, who emigrated from Holland. During the early part of the nineteenth century the place had come to be of considerable importance. The borough was located at the junction of the two stage lines from Allentown and Bethlehem to Philadelphia. It was also the first stopping place of the farmers from the upper sections of Lehigh County on their way to Philadelphia with their produce. Thirty or forty teams in the yard during a single night was no unusual occurrence. On June 25, 1832, the name of the village and Post Office was changed to Coopersburg, after Peter Cooper, heretofore referred to. Today’s Main Street in Coopersburg was part of an Indian trail more than two hundred years ago. Horses and wagons followed this trail. Stumps of felled trees and the mud in rainy seasons made travel slow and arduous. The days of butcher, iceman, coffee route men, milkmen, green produce men coming door to door were replaced by family operated stores. Along with several fine restaurants within the beloved “square mile”, there is now many fast-food operations.

The commercial propane services here at Gastec would be the perfect way to power the restaurants and other businesses and homes in the area. Luckily for the residents of Coopersburg, Gastec provides the best of the best for their residential propane services. Simply cooking an egg on the stove uses residential propane, just like hot showers are heated by propane. Other uses for residential propane could be powering a backup generator, or even turning on the lights. There are so many different uses for residential propane. Do not be fooled into thinking the potential of Gastec stops there, as we also provide commercial propane services for the largest of construction projects. Commercial propane could be used to power the fine restaurants and fast-food chains in the borough. There is not a task too trying for our team here at Gastec. For years we even have been able to provide around the clock customer service for our clients to always have someone who can help. Being a Pennsylvania based company, we were able to expand our reach by giving our clients propane delivery services through Delaware and New Jersey as well. 

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