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Darby, PA Propane

A borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania located southwest of Center City, Philadelphia, Darby is a place that about 10,700 people call home. Settled in 1682 by a group of Quaker families, Darby was a name derived from the English city of Derby, which is the county town of Derbyshire. Darby founder, John Blunston, immigrated to Pennsylvania in fall of 1682. He was a man involved in many things, including agriculture, real estate, and the trading of goods. As a Quaker in the early days of Pennsylvania, Blunston was close to William Penn himself, and he was an active participant in Pennsylvanian politics. Darby is about .84 square miles of only land, and that land is definitely full of history. The borough is home to the 5th oldest volunteer fire department, the Darby Free Library, and the Darby Friends Burial ground, which is the oldest Cemetery in Pennsylvania that is still being used today. 

If history just isn’t your style, and you’re looking for something a bit more modern to do, there’s always something else to do in and around Darby. Close to Philadelphia, a stay in Darby can open up a ton of possibilities for a fun night. One example is the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia, about 2 miles from Darby. The museum is full of gorgeous cars, both modern and historic, and the exhibits are full of anything you could think of learning about cars. 


What do you put in cars? Oh right, fuel! If you’re looking for a new way to fuel your home, look no further than propane. And, if you’re interested in propane, there’s no better company for you than Gastec. At Gastec, we have a helpful and knowledgeable staff that is waiting with open (Covid safe) arms to get you set up with one of our propane plans. We’re able to help many different towns and cities all across Pennsylvania, and we offer our propane for an incredible price, too. See, we go up against the other companies so that you get the best offer you can for the propane you want. We offer propane delivery and an amazing support system too! Our customer service staff is standing by to help you over the phone. At Gastec, no job is too big or too small, and we actually care about the customers we assist. Whether you want our residential or commercial propane, we want to see you happy with our service and prices.