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Situated in the southeastern tip of Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the unincorporated community of Southampton. The community is a namesake of Southampton, England, from where the followers of William Penn set sail to the Province of Pennsylvania. By 1685, Southampton was recognized by the Provincial Council as a township, and the lands within its borders had been allocated to thirteen original purchasers. Farming was the way of life for most Southampton residents throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries, and roads were constructed from farm to mill, to market, and to church. Second Street Pike was the thoroughfare used to carry produce by horse and wagon to the markets in Philadelphia. In the mid-19th century, the villages of Davisville, Churchville, and Southamptonville sprouted at the various crossroads in the township, and Second Street Pike became a toll road. The railroad arrived in the 1870s and brought with it many changes. “Southamptonville” was shortened to Southampton, and farmers now had a faster and more efficient way to market their milk and produce. Tradesmen and craftsmen opened shops along Second Street Pike, and residents began commuting into Philadelphia. Changes continued through the 20th Century. Electricity and telephone lines were installed, and Street Road has been widened and a railroad overpass constructed, necessitating the removal and demolition of the toll house, several shops, and residences.

What do the stove you use to cook yourself breakfast, the shower that you use to keep yourself clean, and the generator that you use when the power is out, all have in common? The answer is propane. Residential propane is a specialty of ours here at Gastec that we are happy to supply to the residents of Southampton. Since we value our business and our customers, we make sure to keep our word and provide the best possible propane services for the most satisfactory price. We care about our customers, so we don’t charge them more than we think is necessary. We provide these excellent services as well as propane delivery services to clients big and small. Whether it be for commercial settings like farms, restaurants, or construction, Gastec can provide what you will need. We value our company and our customers, so we make sure they always have access to us if they come across any questions. Because of this, we have around-the-clock customer service reps to satisfy all of our customers’ propane needs. The people in Southampton have nothing to worry about because they are in the trusted hands of Gastec. We will make sure to do our best that every one of our customers is the happiest that they can be. 

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