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Edgmont, PA Propane

Edgmont Township is a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania with a population of about 4,000 people and a total area of about 9.73 square miles, with about .02 of those square miles being water. The township’s motto is “The Emerald of Delaware County” and it’s often referred to as its post office name of Edgemont. It’s located in western Delaware County and it was one of the first townships founded in Pennsylvania, in the late 1680s. The name comes from Edgmond, an ancient royal manor in Shropshire, England. Shropshire is where one of the earliest settlers of the township, Joseph Baker, had emigrated from. Joseph Baker ended up becoming the representative of Delaware County in the Provincial Assembly. In Edgmont there lies a bunch of high-income neighborhoods, like Allee or Fiveormore, and a retirement home called the White Horse Village. 

There is also an unincorporated village in Edgmont called Gradyville. Gradyville is a very small village and it mainly consists of a post office, a gas station, a flower shop, an antique store, a church, and one or two houses. 


While staying in Edgmont township, Gradyville, or any other town in Pennsylvania, you can count on propane to be a green and easy source of power. There are many propane companies in Pennsylvania, but ours is the best. We’re Gastec, and we’re going to stick out our Gas-Neck for you. We’re going to do whatever we can to make sure you get the best prices and services you can imagine. Our prices? Guess where they are! That’s right, they’re out of this world. We’re going to go toe to toe with the other companies and you bet that our prices are going to win. Whether you need residential propane, which works to do things like heat your house or help you out in the kitchen, or you need commercial propane, which is going to be able to fuel a forklift or other vehicles like that. To make our company sound even better, let’s talk about delivery. You thought you would have to come get your propane yourself? You thought wrong! We’ll come bring it to you! And if you need to talk to someone about that delivery, you can call and talk to our customer support team. We’ve got your back, and your wallet is going to be happy when you choose us.