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Folcroft is a borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania with a population of about 6,606 lovely residents. Folcroft is a small borough, with a total area of 1.42 square miles. .18 square miles of that total is made up of water. Folcroft can be traced back to New Sweden in the early settlements of the mid-1600s. Where Folcroft was once a productive farmland, it eventually became a residential suburb of Philadelphia following the construction of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1874. Folcroft was a passenger stop that was built and named, but it was also referred to as “leafy fields”. Folcroft was originally considered a part of Darby Township, but in 1922, it was incorporated as its own borough. It became the first municipality in Delaware County to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in 2020. 

There are plenty of things to do in Folcroft, including visiting the Morton Morton House. The Morton Morton House is an early Swedish house that lets you take a look into the years before William Penn and the Quakers. The house is a lovely look back in time, and it’s located right by a nice park about a mile away from Folcroft. 

But what else is in Folcroft? A ton of things, but most importantly, Gastec! Our propane company is able to help out residents all over the state of Pennsylvania, and Folcroft is no exception. Here are some reasons why you should be turning to us for your propane needs. 


  • We deliver! You heard that right! Just like a pizza or some Chinese food, except it’s actually a green and clean power source. But that isn’t important, what’s important, is that you can use that propane that we deliver to make your own pizza in that kitchen of yours! 
  • We have residential and commercial propane. So not only can we help you out in your home, we can help you in your commercial building too! Residential propane and commercial propane have their differences, but luckily, we’re experts in both of them, and our staff is always ready to help you tell the difference. Which leads us into our next point.
  • We have dedicated customer service! Our incredible staff is available to help you with your propane purchase or issue. We want you to have the best service you can.
  • Following that last point, we want you to have the best price you possibly can too. Our prices go against the other companies in Pennsylvania so that you get the best price you can.

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