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Holmes, PA Propane

Holmes is an unincorporated community in Ridley Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The community was named in honor of Richard Holmes. Holmes was a farmer whose family lived in Holmes for nearly a century. Sadly, where the family’s homestead once stood, there is now a shopping mall. The MacDade Mall opened in 1969 with only 5 retailers. The Mall is now considered a landmark, and it’s currently anchored by a Kmart and an Acme. The MacDade Mall was popular through the 1980s to the early 2000s, and it housed around 35 shops. Baseball card and collectible shows were in the Mall regularly, along with visits from the Philly Phanatic himself. Following the early 1990s opening of “The Blue Route” also known as Interstate 476, visitors opted to visit other shopping centers in the area such as the Springfield Mall and the Granite Run Mall. By 2006, the mall opted not to renew the tenants’ leases and the stores in the MacDade Mall started to slowly make their ways out of the building to either pursue business elsewhere, or close indefinitely. In late 2007, a movie called The Lovely Bones filmed in the MacDade Mall after dressing it up as if it was the 1960s. The movie came out in 2009, and today the mall is still deserted. 

While you’re kicking back to watch The Lovely Bones, you’re going to wish that your house was heated and the electricity would stay on in the event of an emergency. But what can help ensure that? Propane can! With Gastec, our propane company that serves the state of Pennsylvania, we can help you get the propane you need to power your home cleanly, and greenly. We’re experts in all of the different types of propane, but we specialize in residential and commercial. That means that whether you’re looking to put propane in your commercial building or your regular house, we can help you out. That help includes both propane delivery right to your door, and dedicated customer service, so you can get the propane help that you need. Here at Gastec, we care about our customers and we care about their budget. We make sure that our propane is affordable and the best price you could possibly ask for. We want your happiness as much as you want to have your building or home powered by propane (which is hopefully a lot).