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Lansdown, PA Propane

Lansdowne is a borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, about 6 miles southwest from Center City, Philadelphia. The borough has a population of around 10,620, and it has a total area of about 1.18 square miles, all of it being land. The name Lansdowne comes from The Marquess of Lansdowne and it’s sometimes confused with Lansdale. Lansdowne had a spike in its population following the establishment of the railroad stop near the intersection of Lansdowne Avenue and Baltimore Pike in the early 20th century. The borough is mainly residential, with a commercial center near the railroad stop and some industrial buildings, though the industrial buildings have seen a decline in the past few decades. 

Lansdowne has previously been called a vacation resort for Philadelphia residents because there used to be an abundance of Victorian homes to stay in and enjoy. Since then, the Victorian homes have become multiple-dwelling apartments. Lansdowne is home to a ton of places that house the arts and other musical organizations. This includes the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra, The Celebration Theater, The Lansdowne Folk Club, Jamey’s House of Music, and the Lansdowne Arts Festival. The borough has a farmer’s market as well, which runs rain or shine on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm between Memorial Day and Halloween. There are several buildings in Lansdowne listed on the National Register of Historic Places; they are the Lansdowne Theater, Twentieth Century Club of Lansdowne, Henry Albertson Subdivision Historic District, and the Lansdowne Park Historic District. 

While Lansdowne has a rich historic background, you don’t need to keep your house historic. You can take your house to the next level with propane! With our help, we can take your house and give you the power of residential propane. Here at Gastec, our Pennsylvania based propane company, we are experts in everything propane. We have your back, so you can sit back and watch as we take care of everything for you. Whether you’re looking at propane to warm your house and power your kitchen, or use commercial propane to power a big office building, our impeccable customer service can help you out. We also offer propane delivery, so whatever you and our hardworking staff come up with, we can bring it right to your door. And the best part about all of this, is that we offer the best prices you can find! We want our customers happy, and that means not breaking their bank and emptying their wallets. Everyone at Gastec cares about the customer, and we show that whenever we can.