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Lenni, PA Propane

Lenni is an unincorporated community in Middletown Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It’s located at the intersection of two roads northeast of Chester Creek: Lenni Road and Lungren Road. The community was formed after Thomas Griffith sold a bit of land to a man named John Lungren on January 2, 1797. The land was sold to Lungren because he was a paper manufacturer from Upper Providence and the land was to be used for the development of a paper mill. The mill was built in the year 1798, and in 1877, they were leased to Union Army General Robert Patterson. The train station that made Lenni the town it is today closed in September 1986 because the track was deteriorating and Chester County wanted to expand the Exton Station on SEPTA’s Paoli/Thorndale line. 

Around Lenni is Wolff’s Apple House in Media, Pennsylvania. Wolff’s Apple House is open year-round and they offer lovely produce and flowers. They have fresh local produce and delicious baked goods for anyone to enjoy during any time of the year. They also offer spreads, soups, and meats, along with the friendly and competent staff. Wolff’s Apple House is the perfect place to visit while you’re staying in or around Lenni. 

Another place with friendly and competent staff is our propane company, Gastec! Our staff is always looking out for the customer’s best interest and they are always standing by the phone so that you can get the service you want and need at all hours of the day, every day of the week. Our staff is full of experts in propane, so you can expect nothing less than perfection from us. We offer residential propane along with commercial propane, so with our help, you can either warm your house, cook in your kitchen, power an office building, or fuel a forklift! We also deliver our propane, so once we figure out the type that you need together, we can bring it right to your doorstep. Your wallet is also safe when you’re with us because we fight to get you the best prices you can ask for. We go up against our competitors because we believe that you deserve the best price for your propane. No job is too big or too small with us, because we care about your needs and the building that we’re putting your propane in. Contact us, and we’ll find the best and the safest way to get you the propane you need.