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Prospect Park, PA Propane

Prospect Park, a borough in Delaware County, is home to around 6,500 residents. The land was purchased in 1874 by John Cochran of Chester. He had bought 103 acres from Joshua Pierson with the objective of dividing the property up and selling them. The borough is located within 10 miles of Center City, Philadelphia, with expedient railway access. An interesting historical fact about Prospect park is that Prospect Hill Baptist Church declares the leading role in introducing the phrase “In God We Trust” on United States coins and currency. 

If you’re looking for something to do during the summer months, Prospect Park holds live music events every Tuesday. The genres go from classical and string bands to rock and pop! The reviews are raving, and it’s the perfect way to spend a beautiful Tuesday night out in nature. The Park Square Pavilion is also a community hotspot for taking breathtaking wedding and prom night photographs. You and your family can enjoy a beautiful setting for your photos while walking around the rest of the pavilion. You’re in for a gorgeous day any time you’re in the area. 

If live music isn’t your style, you can stay inside and listen to music at home instead! And wouldn’t you like that house to be warm and cozy? Here at Gastec, our devoted propane company based in Pennsylvania, we offer residential propane, which is used for your average house. Propane is a green source of energy that can work with you in a great number of different settings. Along with providing residential propane, we also offer commercial propane. This is used to fuel vehicles like forklifts and larger occupancies like stores and office buildings. At Gastec, we have a supportive and insightful staff ready (following social distancing guidelines of course) to help get you set up with one of our fantastic propane plans. We’re available to help across many different cities and towns in the state of Pennsylvania. Did I mention we offer our propane for an excellent price? We go up against our competitors to make sure you are taken care of with the best offer for our propane that we can possibly deliver. At Gastec, no job is too big or too small, and we care for the customers we assist. There is no better company for propane than Gastec!