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Woodlyn is a census-designated place in Delaware County, Pennsylvania with a population of about 9,500 residents. The town has a total area of around 1.7 square miles and it’s made up of entirely land. Woodlyn is located in the western part of Ridley Township, east of Ridley Park. Woodlyn is the birthplace of cartoonist George Trosley, known for his cartoon cars. 

If you are looking for some friendly competition in Woodlyn, MacDade Bowl is not too far away! Whether you’re looking for a fun family competition for the night or someplace to let loose and have some food, MacDade Bowl is the perfect place for everyone. If you are looking for something more serious to do, however, Governor Printz Park is not too far away either!  It is a nice little local park great to watch boats and planes take off. It includes 4 gazebos and 2 playgrounds, and it’s a pleasant place to enjoy a nice day. 

While in Woodlyn, you can be comforted by the fact that Gastec can still provide you with our green, clean, and functional propane. We can help you figure out your plan for your propane and we can educate you every step of the way. Whether you have no knowledge of propane, or if you’re an expert like us, we can help you get whatever you need. And even better, we can get that propane right to your door. We offer delivery services as a part of our efforts to make you the happiest customer possible. We offer residential propane, along with commercial propane for you to have propane in any building you could want it in. Residential propane is used in the average home to do things such as power kitchen appliances like the stove or oven, keep the lights on during the event of a power outage, or keep your house heated and warm. Our commercial propane is similar to residential propane, but it’s different in the way that it powers bigger buildings such as offices or warehouses. It also has the quality of being able to power certain vehicles like forklifts. Here at Gastec, we want you to get the best propane and the best service for the best price, so we find a way to get you the greatest price you could ask for. We want your satisfaction, so we do what you want.

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