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Toughkenamon, PA Propane

Toughkenamon is a town in New Garden Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania with a population of around 1,492 people and a total area of about 2.1 square miles. Originally, Toughkenamon was inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans that spoke the language Unami. In the 1700s, it was noted that there were multiple spellings of Toughkenamon, including Tokenamon, Taukenamon, and Taughlikenemon. In 1706, Thomas and Mary Rowland settled near Toughkenamon. They were the first settlers that bought land in New Garden Township, and those lands became what is now the village of Toughkenamon. The town has always been historically important to the development of the United States because of the interactions between the Lenape people and settlers. These interactions included when the settlers would dig water-filled trenches around their crops so that when the Lenape people would burn the land, the crops weren’t damaged. The burns done by the Lenape were a traditional and ancient way to increase the number of tubers and grain that were yielded, and the fact that the settlers kept their trenches maintained showed that settlers understood the importance of the burns. However, because of a decrease in interactions with the tribe of Lenape, the settlers that came later falsely accused the Lenape of burning the crops of their ancestors on purpose. Later on, in history, Toughkenamon was still an important village because of the industrial buildings located in the town. Even now, perishable foods are distributed from Toughkenamon. 


Toughkenamon is a historic community that deserves the very best in a propane service. Our propane services in Toughkenamon offers a resource that can be used to help your home with everything from powering a furnace to fueling a cooking range. Residential propane is one of our specialties. The people of Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania can rely on Gastec for all their propane needs. We are at a company that works with propane in every setting. From fueling a fireplace to heating an entire home, Gastec delivers. In fact, our delivery services can travel to anywhere in or around Toughkenamon. Our friendly customer support staff is on call to help with everything from a simple question to a propane emergency. If you notice construction projects happening in and around the area, there’s a good chance that Gastec propane is being leveraged to power the project and keep workers warm. No matter what you need propane for, our team looks forward to exceeding your expectations.