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Propane Plainsboro, New Jersey

Located in Middlesex County, Plainsboro Township is known for its prime location in the Raritan Valley region and for its proximity to the New York metropolitan area. Incorporated in May 1919, Plainsboro was formed from portions of South Brunswick Township as well as parts of Cranbury Township. The township was created as a result of both Cranbury and South Brunswick refusing to build a fireproof school in Plainsboro Village. Today, Plainsboro Township celebrates its Inauguration Day with a parade, festival, and concert. 

The first residents of Plainsboro were the Unami peoples, a sub-tribe of the Lenape Native Americans who resided in the greater New Jersey area. In the early 17th century, Dutch immigrants settled the Plainsboro area used a large portion of the land for agricultural purposes. One of Plainsboro’s oldest standing buildings, “The Planes Tavern,” is believed to have served many of the region’s farmers throughout the 18th century and was featured on HGTV’s show If These Walls Could Talk. In the late 1800s, the Walker-Gordon Dairy Farm was opened, which brought name recognition to the Plainsboro area after the creation of Walker-Gordon Dairy Farm’s Elsie the Cow and The Walker Gordon Diner. The farm site has since been closed and today is used as a single-family home community named Walker-Gordon Farm, consisting of more than 350 units. 

In the past, Princeton University owned a large majority of the township, and in 1971, the University, in partnership with Lincoln Properties, Inc., developed the area into the modern large suburban township it is today. By the early 1980s, Princeton owned more than 5000 acres of Plainsboro Township, and in response to the development, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South opened near the Princeton Junction. Today West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North and West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South have an established north-south rivalry between the school’s mascots, a pirate, and a knight. 

Since its foundation, Plainsboro has shown its capabilities as a thriving and dynamic town. Propane company GasTec recognizes this fact and is committed to supporting Plainsboro’s citizens and businesses through their high-end propane services and propane delivery program. From residential propane home-heating to commercial emergency energy, GasTec customers know that GasTec will be there to help with any and all propane needs.