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Propane Sayreville, New Jersey

Sayreville is a borough of Middlesex County, on the south bank of the Raritan River. The borough’s prime location in the Raritan Valley Region has made it a highly desirable area to live in, and today, the borough’s total population has reached more than 42,000 residents. Sayreville was incorporated on April 6, 1876, as a township before being reincorporated as a borough in April of 1919. While the area was first known as Roundabou, then as Wood’s Landing, Sayreville was renamed in the 1860s after James R Sayre Jr., who famously co-founded Sayre and Fisher Brick Company, one the USA’s leading manufacturers of building brick, fire brick, and enamel brick. During its prime, the Sayre and Fisher Brick Company produced 62 million bricks a year and employed the majority of the local Sayreville population.

Before the establishment of Sayreville, the area was settled by Tribes of the Navesink who lived along the South River. Historians discovered this information from maps created by local map maker and surveyor Adriaen van der Donck, a Dutch immigrant from the 15th century. In the 20th century, amateur archaeologists confirmed this when they discovered thousands of Indian artifacts at the site shown on Van der Donck’s map.

Previously, the Raritan River Railroad (RRR) passed through Sayreville and serviced Sayre and Fisher as well as other local industries. One of the trains running off this line was featured in an episode of the silent movie serial The Perils of Pauline. The episode was staged on the line and included on the bridges located in Sayreville. While the borough was originally formed as a predominantly industrial community, new introductions of technology companies within the area have considerably changed the residential population and landscape of Sayreville. In response to the influx of residents, Randy Corman, Executive Director of the Sayreville Economic Redevelopment Agency (SERA), has called for the development of the parcel of land within Sayreville to be used to create a shopping center, luxury mall, apartments, townhomes, offices, and marinas. 

Sayreville’s history has been filled with innovation and industrial success. GasTec, a New Jersey propane company, has helped to support the local industry since its foundation and works hard to cater to Sayreville’s commercial businesses and its residents. Today, GasTec offers the people of Sayreville commercial and residential propane services as well as reliable propane delivery for all their propane needs. For everything from pool heating to emergency energy, Sayreville citizens know they can rely on GasTec.