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The county seat of Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the borough of Doylestown, a community that is home to just over 8,300 people. Like most of the region, the area of Doylestown was inhabited by the Lenape people until the arrival of the Europeans. Doylestown's origins date to March 1745 when William Doyle obtained a license to build a tavern on the northwest corner of Dyers Road and Coryell's Ferry Road, now Main and State Streets. Known for years as "William Doyle's Tavern," its strategic location, at the intersection of the road, now U.S. Route 202, linking Swede's Ford, aka Norristown, and Coryell's Ferry, today’s New Hope, and the road, now PA Route 611, linking Philadelphia and Easton, allowed the hamlet to grow into a village. As the population of Central and Upper Bucks County grew throughout the 18th and into the 19th century, discontent developed with the county seat's location in Newtown, where it had been since 1725. Eight petitions with a total of 184 signers were submitted to the General Assembly, some as early as 1784, requesting the move of the county seat to Doylestown. Many historic landmarks from the surrounding areas are preserved at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown. Today, the downtown area of Doylestown is the regional center of culture and nightlife. 


Being the county seat and regional center for culture and nightlife means that the borough of Doylestown most definitely needs power that they can rely on. Luckily for the residents of Doylestown, Gastec has the propane services to fit each one of their needs. With its thriving retail and industrial centers, the borough as a whole could greatly benefit from a reliable source of power. Based out of Pennsylvania, our propane company supplies around the clock propane delivery services to our clients across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. With the versatility of the fuel, propane can be used for any type of job that you may have. Fortunately for the residents of Doylestown, Gastec is known for its excellent work in residential and commercial propane services. For your family to stay warm during the winter, the residential propane services at Gastec can do the job. Anything from powering a grill to the back-up generator, propane can help in your home. We are able to provide top-notch service at low prices. Making our customers happy makes us happy, which is why we offer around the clock customer service to ensure that our clients are always taken care of. The residents of Doylestown will be able to always rely on Gastec for any and every one of their propane needs.