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Fountainville is an unincorporated community in Bucks County, Pennsylvania located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 313 and Ferry Road at the tripoint of Doylestown, New Britain, and Plumstead townships. When organized as a township in the early 1700s, New Britain contained what is now Chalfont Borough, New Britain Borough, and parts of Doylestown Township. The township was slow to settle and develop, primarily because many of the large landholdings were owned by people who did not settle in the area. By 1720 the large land parcels began to be subdivided, bought primarily at first by Welsh Baptist settlers from Philadelphia. Famous early settlers included Daniel Boone's parents. The township was incorporated in 1723. The township contains traces of five historic villages, Fountainville being the first. The village takes its name from the Fountain Inn, whose sign pictured a fountain. The inn was probably named because of the artesian wells that once flowed in the area, some of which rose above the ground like fountains. The hotel, a large, two-story stone building on the east side of the intersection, closed in 1857 and became a private residence. The post office was established in 1875 and is still in operation. Fountainville now consists of a few residential and commercial uses at the intersection of Swamp and Ferry Roads. Two of the homes are large, stone structures, and the post office and a delicatessen are located in another large building. 


The residents of Fountainville would be able to help maintain and even improve the quality of their environment by choosing propane to power their homes. Propane is a clean source of power that is both safe for the environment and quite useful in many different settings. Here at Gastec, we provide our clients with the propane serves that best fit their needs. We specialize in residential propane for at home, and commercial propane for businesses. Residential propane could be anything from taking a hot shower to powering a generator. There are just so many unique ways to use propane. Our propane company also is able to take on larger scale projects with our commercial propane. Keeping larger buildings like a hotel warm in the winter could be a task for our commercial propane. In the hopes of always keeping our customers happy, we supply them with constant access to our customer service team. We want to make sure that our clients are offered the absolute best services for the most reasonable price. This really helps in keeping our customers happy. With our propane delivery services, Fountainville is not too far from our company based out of Bucks County just around the corner. Gastec is ready to help with any propane needs their clients may have.