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Morrisville is a quaint little borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that is approximately two square miles. Named for Robert Morris, financier of the American Revolution, Morrisville is located at the falls of the Delaware River across from Trenton. Historically, the town has strong ties to both Trenton and Philadelphia. Originally a village located in Falls Township until it was partitioned as a borough by the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1804. The earliest known settlement in what is now Morrisville was a trading post of the Dutch West India Company operating from 1624 to 1627 on an island in the Delaware River. In its early days, the area was known as Crewcorne and was a part of Falls Township. Later, one of the first ferries to cross Delaware was established at the site. By the late 18th century, a settlement was forming at the ferry crossing then known as Colvin's Ferry. The settlement was incorporated into a borough in 1804, taking the name of Morrisville, after Founding Father Robert Morris. In that same year, the first bridge built across Delaware connected Morrisville to Trenton. Morrisville is also home to Graystones, the historic site marking William Penn's first Pennsylvania land purchase from the Lenni Lenape Indians.


Here at Gastec, we would be able to provide all the residents of Morrisville with a warm winter if they use our residential propane to keep their homes cozy. Heating homes is not the only use for our residential propane. Propane is an environmentally safe source of power that can be used for an assortment of different things. Residential propane can be used to power the kitchen stove, the lights in the house, and the barbeque outback. Our abilities do not stop there, as we also specialize in commercial propane services for the larger-scale projects that a church like the local Morrisville schools and restaurants may require. As a Pennsylvania-based company, we can reach all of our clients in Delaware and New Jersey with our 24/7 propane delivery services. We also provide around-the-clock access to our customer service department to help with any issues that may arise. These excellent services are offered to our clients for an affordable price that is quite competitive with our competition. Every one of our customers should expect to be treated with the utmost care from our amazing staff, and the propane that they need will always be handled and installed with incredible expertise. The people of Morrisville are in good hands with Gastec.