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Penns Park is the oldest village within the Wrightstown Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The crossroads village was known as Logtown as early as 1716 and Pennsville in the early 19th century. In 1862 the village name was changed to its current one. Just outside the village, at the intersection of Penns Park Road and Mud Road, there is still a solitary log-house, often called the oldest house in Bucks County. To the southwest of the village is the "old graveyard" where many of the township's first settlers are buried. Penns Park presents a variety of nineteenth-century vernacular interpretations of Georgian, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, and Queen Anne styles. The building types represent Penns Park's utilitarian role as a small service-oriented rural village and include residences, shops, stores, a tavern, a small-scale manufactory, a church, and a schoolhouse. Located in the small township of Wrightstown, Penns Park's buildings do not reflect the affluence or sophistication of nearby towns such as Newtown and Yardley which developed around this same period. While the buildings may individually lack the stylistic sophistication of large towns in the region, their uniformity of building technique and scale has together made Penns Park an outstanding assemblage of traditional rural or small-town architecture.


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